The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)

Ukraine - July/August 2019
Ukrsibbank (УкрСиббанк) - no fee using Revolut Visa
Ukreximbank (Укрексимбанк) - 50 UAH fee using Revolut Visa
Privatbank (ПриватБанк) - quite pushy about DCC, 10 UAH fee using Revolut Visa
Kredobank (Кредобанк) - no fee using Revolut Visa

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For Albania, Credins bank has no withdrawal fees - tried with a Revolut Mastercard.
PS: I also tried with a Curve Mastercard the same Credins bank and it worked without fees.
PS2: with Curve Mastercard the following banks asked for fees: Raiffeisen Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, OTP Bank, Union Bank rejected both Revolut and Curve, American Bank of Investment did not work/asked for a fee (don’t remember).

Croatia- PBZ MC- free of fee, Visa- 16 HRK fee

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Forgot to add that it was a Mastercard.


Just to add a few from the last couple of months:

Hungary (March 2019)
K&H Bank
Free of charge

Croatia (June 2019)
Zagrebacka Banka (Unicreditbank Croatia)
Erste Bank
Free of charge

Macedonia (July 2019)
Ohridska Banka
Sparkasse Bank
All of them free. Did not experience much DCC in Macedonia either in ATMs or with POSs. Probably b/c there are so few foreigners (outside of Lake Ohrid) that its not worth bothering trying to rip them off :smiley: :smiley:

Will upload to the Dropbox document shortly.


In Morocco last week, the following banks charged:

  • BMCE (not to be confused with BMCI)
  • Banque Populaire
  • Crédit Agricole (with no option to abort the transaction)

Only Al Barid Bank (البريد بنك), which is affiliated to the post office, didn’t charge.


In Spain in July 2019, Arquia Banca in Malaga was free with a Revolut MasterCard.



CaixaBank, Mallorca (Spain), select Checking account, no fee, with Revolut Visa, as of August 2019

Banca March, Mallorca (Spain), no fee, with Revolut Visa, as of August 2019


Bankia, Mallorca (Spain), 1.75 Euro fee, with Revolut Visa, as of August 2019

Don’t use Abanka ATM in Slovenia. It charges abnormal fee of 4€.


Tokuda Bank ATM - free of charge with Mastercard

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ICBC, China Construction Bank, Bank of China and CITIC accepted my Revolut Visa card and could withdraw money without any fees in end of July, 2019.


I followed this link from the excel list of no fee atms, sorry if i am postong this at the wrong place.

I withdrew with mastercard revolut from an atm called “ATM bankomat” in Croatia, owned by a company called “Auro Domus” and operated by PBZ bank (privredna banka zagreb), without fees :slight_smile:


Folks, it’s updated again. Happy weekend!

Last update about Ukraine, no fees with Oschadbank (Ощадбанк) :tada:

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  • VÚB bank - no fee with VISA
  • 365 bank - did not accept VISA at all

Turkey, ING (as of April 2019 with MC)

Italy, Stresa (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola), Banco BPM Spa
No fee with Maestro, 1st of August.

Was there the minimum of 50€ (or equivalent) applying?

However, beware, as Auro Domus offers DCC and uses a very low exchange rate for the euro. HPB (Hrvatska poštanska banka) ATM’s are also quite annoying in offering DCC, I had to go through two different screens to confirm I, indeed, do not want their exchange rate and the withdrawal was ultimately rejected, but there was no mention of a fee.
Additionally, Kent bank in Croatia also doesn’t charge a fee.

Spain, Caixa Bank, MC, 2eur