The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)

I’ve just tried to withdraw money from Bankinter in Spain, and I was not free. They were about to charge me 1.- - mind you, it is still the lowest rate I’ve found so far, but it is not free as stated in the spreadsheet - June 2019.

Can you please update the spreadsheet?

Italy, Poste Italiane ATM, MC, no fees (23 june 2019)

I can verify that Commerzbank (in Nuremberg) and Deutsche Bank (in the Frankfurt airport) were still working without any fees at the beginning of June. I did get burned though, tried a “Geldautomatt”, not sure what brand it was (it wasn’t very clear), inside the Rock im Park festival in Nuremberg. I wanted to draw 20 euros, it said fine, OK, then I see in the Revolut app that it drew 26.99! I think the EC (Euronet?) ATMs do the same, a friend tried with another kind of card and it also charged him 6.99 (but at least it pointed that out on the screen). So better stay away from ATMs that are not in the list :).


BMCE - 29 MAD per withdrawal
BMCI - no fees

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Hi all, I went to Iceland : it sounds there is a withdrawal fee on all Icelandic ATM.
TOMATO ATM in Iceland : minimum fee 180 ISK + 1% of the withdrawal amount.

The other ATMs belong to Islandsbanki, Landsbanki and Arion Banki, but I had no time to check their withdrawal fee.

For my withdrawal Raiffeisen Tirol asked a 3€ surcharge, disregarding the amount. This will not show as a commission, but added to the withdrawal amount. The ATM announce you about it before, so you can say no.
Same for BTV bank, Sparkasse Tirol.

Hypo Tirol did not charge anything extra.
This is not a Revolut only behaviour, it is doing the same for all non Austrian cards, even European Community issued.

Austria - Volksbank Niederösterreich - no fee using Maestro card (May 2019)

Did you withdraw Turkish Lira or Euro from ATM from AK bank ???

Croatia - PBZ - Privredna banka Zagreb charges a 16 HRK fee (around 2 €) as of June 3.

Other banks don’t, for now.


Update from crowded Stone Town, Zanzibar.
I withdrew from an ATM of KCB Bank Tanzania.
No fees using my MasterCard. :fist:t3:


Serbia, Belgrade
-Raiffizen 500RSD (4.25EUR) fee for using non domestic card. It was free last year.
-Vojvodanska/otp the same 500RSD (4.25EUR) fee for using non domestic card.
-Addiko no fee.
-MultiCard ATMs no fee.

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The information regarding BCP seems not relevant anymore. I’m withdrawing using Mastercard with no fees and apparently no limits (tested few days ago with 700 PEN).

BanCoppel charges 15 MXN for withdrawal, that’s the lowest fee I managed to find (December 2018).

Follow up for Zanzibar/Tanzania, @elmarconi.
The NBC ATMs didn’t accept MasterCard, Visa/Visa Plus only, in this case. I cannot tell if that’s the case in general.
The Barclays ATM wanted to charge 15.400 TSH (about 5,85 EUR) access fee. :roll_eyes:
People’s Bank of Zanzibar is only for locals anyways. :man_shrugging:t3::relieved:

So the only good one was…
Cine Afrique Building, Zanzibar City 1234, Tansania

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Turkish Lira. Don’t remember there would even be an option to withdraw Euro.

Austria (Zell-am-See) Jun 2019

Raffeisen charge (as stated) but Bankhaus Carl Spangler no fee with Rev Visa


Southeastern USA [July 2019]:

Publix Presto! ATM charges $2.95 for all withdrawals with Revolut Mastercard and Visa.



Austria - Litschau (nord) - Volksbank ATM - Mastercard - No fees :heart:


Iam in Autria on Holyday. Raifeisen Austria has €2.95 Fee for Withdrawl


Guatemala: B5 atms charge 31 quetzales (roughly 4€)

Going to Honduras next, anyone have any info?

This month in Cyprus, I wasn’t charged a fee to withdraw from an Alpha bank ATM. Helleniki bank doesn’t charge a fee either, if it accepts the card - that happened on the 3rd Helleniki ATM I tried, 2 others didn’t take the card; I can only guess that they didn’t like it, since the message was in Greek. This is with a Revolut Visa.