The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)

Withdrawal with Visa at 7eleven ATM in Japan : minimum withdrawal is 10.000JPY + 108 JPY fee (216 JPY fee for 20.000 JPY, etc) as experienced on june 4th 2019.

Very useful list. In Italy the Post Office machines don’t charge for MC.

Thanks for the continuous updates, folks! The list is now ready for travelling season.

Special hug also to all the people that post updates on banks already being part of the list, you rock!

Experience today, 09/06/2019, in Torremolinos, Spain. First keyboard not working on these pages from within app.

Cash withdrawal attempts with Revolut VISA

1 ING - €2.95
2 ING - invalid card number
3 ING - €2.50 + DCC
4 - Caixa - free :wink:

So why same bank different results? Whoi knows?


Didn’t know :r: was there back then 1953 :joy:


Malta . BOV (Bank of Valletta)

Russia Sankt Petersburg June 2019 with MC for free by VTB Bank & Bank Otkritie

Jamaica is so small, but if it helps, here’s my experience from last week while visiting family with my Revolut Visa [06/2019]:

These 3 banks that I tried charge J$585 (which is about $4.50 USD) for withdrawing even the minimum of J$5000.

  • Scotiabank
  • NCB
  • JMMB

The notification text of the charge took up the whole screen clearly warning proceeding and wasn’t hidden at all. Luckily, I didn’t get charged even though I cancelled all attempts at withdrawing cash.

Was in Bruxelles (Belgium) a few days ago, withdraw 100€ from a “ING” ATM, no fees.

Croatia (Split), June 2019, RaiffeisenBank ATM, Revolut Mastercard, NO FEES

Ecuador: Banco Del Austro, FREE, MasterCard

Kazakhstan: Sberbank. No fees (KZT) as of 06/2019

Uzbekistan: Kapital Bank. No fees (UZS) as of 06/2019

I can confirm that there is no fee on Zagrebačka banka ATMs if you don’t choose DCC option (so, choose “Bez konverzije valute” / “Without currency conversion” instead of “Uz konverziju valute” / “With currency conversion” and you will not be charged a fee).

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Hi! Could you use you revolut cars for payments? Thank you!


Jordan Kuwait Bank - 0 JOD surcharge for withdrawal, but I withdrawn 20 JOD and my account was billed for 29.15 USD (at that time it was equal to 20.579 JOD). So this is not free ATM, but with 3% surcharge. MC, June 2019.

Maybe the weekend markup?

It was on Tuesday, 18th June.

Visiting Cyprus I paid 3.95 EUR to withdraw at an EuroNet ATM using my Revolut card.

My friend who is a Cypriot has a Revolut card as well but was not charged a fee for an identical withdrawal. Does anyone know why this is the case?

do you have a mastercard? Visa was reported to have no fees at euronet