The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)


OK. Good for Visa owner. At the moment – from DE – I couldn’t even order a :r: Visa. Also, I guess @redi mentioned the difference between MC and Visa already.

So for MC users this info is relevant I guess.


I’m from Croatia and Visa is also not available to order in Croatia (only MC) but there was a period of introduction of Visa cards when Revolut offered free Visa cards to a limited number of users, I applied and got it, maybe you can do the same.


In Dominican Republic, most ATMs seem to be free, POS is accepted everywhere. Withdrawn from the Jumbo ATMs and they didn’t charge me or even offer a bad exchange rate (not that I accepted it).
HOWEVER, I was only able to withdraw with the Visa card. The Mastercard was rejected at every atm I tried. The mastercard does work for POS however.


November update is out! Thanks to all contributors.

Due to a limited amount of edits in the original post, I exported the list to Dropbox. You can find it here now:


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I recently was in Chicago. No fees from what I believe is the only Wells Fargo ATM in town (10 S Wacker Dr,). It worked with both my Revolut Visa and my TransferWise Mastercard


hi, what does it mean DCC?

List of ATM's that don't charge a fee

TLDR: they offer to convert the amount debited for you. usually with a worse exchange rate than your bank.


no fees in Spain with Banca March with Revolut Visa card (Nov. 8.).



it is a scam called dynamic currency conversion.


After my holidays I can now say that in Oman at least Bank Muscat & Bank Dhofar are free of charge , yes!!!

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So far I didn’t find any free ATM for Visa withdrawals. The fees are not that bad though. The fees are not fixed but vary across subsidiaries and over time. Here are a few examples from Guadalajara:

BBVA Bancomer 25.52 MXN
Citi Banamex 30.74 MXN
Santander 34.80 MXN
HSBC fee was around 35 MXN, too.

I haven’t tried Banorte yet. But usually, the fees are around 30-35 MXN.


Costa Rica verified November 2018:

  • BAC Credomatic
  • Banco Nacional
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Is card payment a problem in Costa Rica?


Updated again with all the new information. If it goes this way, we’ll have all countries covered by 2019 :wink:


In Germany do you know some free ATM ?


My base currency is € so I cannot realy say how it works for other currencies. Only one time a reisebank ATM at main station wanted to charge me in £ as the card is from UK.

If your account is in € I guess ING, Sparda, Deutsche Bank at least should be fine.


Revolut MasterCard 5.5.2018 ATM Stopanska Banka, Bitola Macedonia (MKD) -> no fee
Revolut MasterCard 6.5.2018 ATM AIK Banka JUBANKA, Niš Serbia (RSD) -> no fee
Revolut MasterCard 7.5.2018 ATM Erste Bank, Airport Belgrade (RSD) -> no fee
Revolut VISA 29.8.2018 ATM Raiffeisenbank Bitsch, Switzerland (CHF) -> no fee


In the dropbox file attached says (Italy AVOID Unicredit: (as of March 2018). NOT TRUE, Unicredit does not charge for both Visa and Mastercard.


some places want cash.

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Italy: Banca Carige - November 2018, no fee with the standard MC