The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)

Why do they even bother charging 0,49€ lmao

South Africa, Capitec Bank is charging R50 fee as of Feb 2020. To my knowledge, there is no free ATM withdrawal from Revolut cards in South Africa anymore. I’m looking for alternatives, will let y’all know.

Lebanon, Beirut. Bank Audi ATM I used zero commission, gave me Lebanese pounds straight from my US dollars account.

Ecuador March 2020 - the “Cajeros JEP” ATM charged only 0.50 USD (savings account) while all other bank ATMs wanted up to 5 USD.

Sparkasse in Austria allowed fee free withdrawals whilst we were there in March 2020 (Mastercard). Raiffeisen bank on the other hand did want to charge, so it’s worth hunting down Sparkasse if you have transport.


Austria Salzburger Sparkasse Carl Spangler is fee free (December 2019) Raifaissen wanted to charge 4 euros!

Standard Chartered in Hong Kong is fee free (April 2020)

all visa

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Hiya, I’ve just withdrew € with no extra charge from a VUB atm in Slovakia using my MC card :blush:


Hi, withdraw CZK in Czech republic from Oberbank atm with no extra charge. I´m using MC card :slight_smile:


Holíč, Slovakia :slovakia: withdraw €50 with Master Card

Slovenská Sporitelňa (Erste group) ATM - asked me for €2,50 fee (I refused)
ČSOB (KBC group) ATM - withdrawed for free :heart:

Both of them tried DCC scam


Revolut doesn’t charge for usage of ATMs, but some ATM themselves do charge for accessing their services. Revolut does not reimburse ATM fees.

They do when withdrawals are above the limit, based on the subscription.

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June 22. Budapest, Hungary :hungary:
ATM K&H (KBC Group) Károly út.
Withdrawal 40000ft with Revolut MC for free :heart:

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No fees at ATMs from “Euronet” (blue logo on yellow background, many ATMs in cities like Berlin)

Tested with Revolut Visa (Premium card) and Revolut Mastercard (very old card, typed as “Prepaid”, it’s that old).

Does anyone have any information on Czech Republic, especially Prague?

Euronet ATM today in Rostock wanted 3,95 EUR fee for withdrawal!
I have Revolut MasterCard Prepaid (UK BIN - 527346) received to Croatian address in 08/2019.

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You should avoid Euronet cash machines in Germany. Look for Raiffeisenbank or Volksbank machines.


Sure, just avoid using Euronet, Česká Spořitelna (ERSTE), Moneta Money Bank.


Fresh info about croatian ATMs for revolut visa users. Euronet wants to charge me 30kn, but Zagrebacka ATM is free of charge!

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Just staying at euronent ATM with revolut visa and it wants to charge me 30kn fee :grinning:

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Dec 2019, Moneycorp at Gatwick, UK, no fee with Revolut MC