The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)

I used a Mastercard online to purchase taxi credits, but not in an ATM.

Hi in Turkey Ziraat Bankasi ATM was fee free for Revolut. Garanti Bank charged a 2.5% fee for cash withdrawals on Revolut.


South Africa - Capitec atm was free to withdraw

Austria :austria:

Bank austria/Unicredit: no fees
No fees at Euronet-ATM at the local post office. But avoid other Euronet-ATM

Which card did you use, Visa/Mastercard/Maestro?


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Hi :slight_smile:

Are there any free ATM in Mallorca? (VISA)

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Spain: Deutsch Bank and BankInter still free for Revolut MC (Apr 19)
Cajamar started charging €1.85 unfortunately.

US: None of the bank listed are free in NYC (Mar 19)

Turkey without a fee (april 2019)
Ziraat Bank (doesn’t even offer DCC)

I have Mastercard

Hong Kong: HSBC and Hang Seng no fee (MC) as of Jan 2019
Taiwan: Bank of Taiwan no fee (MC) as of Dec 2019

None should offer DCC as MasterCard changed their rules for acquirers globally requiring them to stop offering DCC for prepaid MasterCard’s

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Well, I tried like 7+ others and all of them did (Akbank, QNB Finansbank, ING, DenizBank, GarantiParamatik, HSBC, VakifBank).
I found interesting that some offered DCC into pounds while others wanted to convert to/from Euro.

Report it to Revolut and ask them to forward that to MasterCard,or directly send it to them.

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  • BCF (banque cantonale de Fribourg). 4th of May, I got 2chf fees for withdrawing 100chf with MC. I don’t know if it is 2chf per withdraw or 2%…
    So for sure all atm in CH are not free (anymore), please modify the list for other futur users :wink:

EDIT: my bad, it’s because I’ve reached the 200chf monthly limit. So forget my message. Sorry guys.

Maybe you just got over your free limit of 200 CHF per month?

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Banca March (Telebanco), Spain (Mallorca), VISA, as of 05.05.2019 = no fee

Hey Gabriel,

Well, damn, I’m sorry and you were right, it’s because of the atm limit. Sorry about that.
I made a mistake because the end of month for me is 8th and not 30-31…

Thanks for your remark.

No problem :wink:

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Hey, today I tried to withdraw from ATM Moneta in the Czech Republic… I read everywhere that to pay the fee. Today I chose 200 CZK without the fee.

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I’m in South America with a visa and a MC revolut basic, my investigation :

Chile : no fee with Scotiabank (but fees “Scotiabank azul”) (visa et MC)

Argentina : prefer ATM of “link” network but cash is a very big problem for foreigner in this country maybe the best solution is a western union to yourself via bank transfer

Uruguay : no fee at Banco de la República Uruguay with visa only (with MC prefer “RedBROU” network)