The Ultimate Free ATM List - Travelling (by country)

8-29 July Tenerife, Spain.
Most ATM charged €3.95 with Revolut Visa. I afraid to use the Mastercard metal because someone wrote that swallowed by an ATM so i use the plastic one instead.

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Hi @daehanminguk. Did you go to Korea? We’re going at the end of this month and we’re still not sure about the cash withdrawal process with Revolut. Is the latest info available on this thread? Thank you and enjoy your trip.

I’m thinking of taking over updating the spreadsheet/guide from @elmarconi. As they seem to have stopped since 2020 (i hope they’re ok)

Let me know what you think?


Would you also be able to post your experience in Korea after your trip? I would like to know which bank ATMs don’t charge a fee specifically.

Free ATMs in Balkan countries as of August 2022 with new Revolut Mastercard:

Bosnia: Ziraat
Montenegro: Erste
Albania: Credins
Macedonia: Komercijalna Banka Skopje
Bulgaria: Fibank

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, checked in July 2022 with Visa:

  • Addiko Bank − 10 BAM
  • UniCredit Bank − no fee

Croatia, checked in August 2022 with Visa:

  • OTP Bank − 35 HRK
  • Euronet − 36,90 HRK
  • Erste Bank − 28 HRK
  • HPB − no fee

I’m back from Turkey with MasterCard:
Akbank takes fees (you should remove it from the list)
You can add HSBC in the list of fees free bank as well.


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Slovenia: Unicredit and Addiko bank ATM. Visa no withdrawal fee.

ČSOB withdrawal is still free of charge, checked today.

If anyone has recent travel in Greece please update 2022 Greek/Crete Atm Fees with Revolut card

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List of ATMs in France as of 08/2022 with Revolut-issued Mastercard:

Crédit Agricole—5,00€
Banque Populaire—free


List of ATMs in Vienna, Austria as of 07/2022 with Revolut-issued Mastercard:

Bank Winter/SB mit—4,00€
Bank Austria—2,00€
Erste Bank—4,95€


Tried CIMB Bank ATM in Malaysia with my Indian card, no withdrawal charges at all. So, the sheet can be updated.

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A suggestion for spreadsheet. Insert at first row the date of last update.

How are prices in Portugal?

After my yesterday comment. I think is much better, insert date after each country or area updated, because when date on first row as I commented yesterday, the users don’t know if the data of a specific country is updated or not.

I read my last update from Medellín in Colombia at dec-18. They may not have changed much, but there have certainly been changes.

You have some messages in this thread about some users on 2019 and 2020. Perhaps help to you to have references.

What are the cheapest ATMs to withdraw money in UK with a Revolut card?

I am a Revolut UK account holder, just being back from New York, and all ATM machines charge you a fee for withdrawing cash. I went to a couple of “no fee” cash machines which are showing on the ATM map on the Revolut App, but they still asked me for a charge, from 3.6 to 2.6 USD, I gave up and cancelled the transactions. Accidentally, I saw a sign showing “99c ATM fee” outside a couple of small shops, not a bank, and I tried to withdraw max 200USD in one go, but it did ask me to charge ONLY 99 cents. I guess if you are a foreign Revolut account holder, it still asks for a fee even if you are in Revolut joined ATM network.


India: State Bank of India, You can’t insert a metal card in there machines. Make sure to carry a non metal Mastercard or visa. Had a non metal maestro which didn’t work but a non metal Mastercard did.