The Support chat is ridiculously slow.

Please do something with the support because it’s ridiculously slow. Sometimes I wait a day to the support answear my question. I pay for premium membership But nothing has changed. This slowness and permanent mistakes are not permissible in such service.

Thank You.


@SMark Hey there, we are very sorry for the delay. Support is currently under heavy traffic and we are doing all we can to keep wait time at a minimum and expand as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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My son has ordered a revolut card and can’t activate it. He has tried so many times to get support to sort it out over many many days but the wait is so ridiculously long that he has invariably gone to work or gone out before he gets a reply. He and I are now getting desperate as he is about to go to Thailand and needs this card to be activated. Please Please can He just talk to someone from Revolut to sort this out. There must be a help line number? I have a revolut card that I used last year and it worked well but this is now just a joke.

I have written you a private message to get more details!

I’ve been waiting for days now to get in touch with a live agent. It seams impossible…