The remaining balance will be returned to the original source

My account was under review for a few days because I received funds from someone. I sold cryptocurrency that I had in exchange for euros.
I submitted all proof of transactions that were made, so I was waiting for Revolut to refund my money to me via a SEPA transfer.
I got this message this morning: “The remaining balance of the account will be returned to the original source”.
WHAT? Does this mean I’m going to lose the 2000€ I have in my account?
What kind of company just returns funds to their original source without permission from the account’s owner? this is MY money, you do NOT have the right to send it to other people without my permission. There was no fraud, nothing.
I’m waiting for an answer before taking legal action against the company, and I will if I do not get my money back.

You got incoming transfer from another person. So Revolut can revert payments.
Can’t you get hold of person who sent you money??
You said you sold your crypto for euros?
Thru which company you did it ??

The payments were made more than 10 days ago. I gave Revolut proof that I sent the crypto to the buyer. Why on earth would they revert the payments?

I would ask in support chat …

I did. They’re stalling by transferring me to another support agent everytime.
@AndreasK Can you explain why Revolut returned my funds to the original source even though I provided evidence of transactions?

Following a review of your account, in accordance with the section 19.1 of our Terms and Conditions, we are unable to continue to offer you services provided by Revolut and your account has been suspended indefinitely.