The Process of 'Pre-Authorisation'


Hi Revoluters. I’m a new user of the Revolut Card and I’ve used the help feature in the App, but wanted to get a perspective from maybe some more experienced users.

The Card, although mostly fine to use during our vacation, caused us a problem in the last few days.

We went on a Cruise with an American Cruise line. We could see the daily spend amounts in grey in the app no problem (I understand that if the figure is in grey it’s been ‘pre-authorised’). So far so good. The grey figures affected, of course, our daily balance left on the card.

So imagine our surprise when we got back to the UK to see that the card balance was NEGATIVE - this stopped us using the card. I’ve tried talking with the Help Desk via the App, but I’m still slightly confused about this whole ‘pre-authorisation’ process.

The balance became negative, because the Cruise company then billed us via the Card for the FULL amount at the end of the Cruise, BUT there were still some ‘grey’ transactions showing too - this meant, in effect we were sort of ‘charged’ double as far as the App was concerned (we weren’t really), but that forced the Card to show a negative ‘balance’ until the ‘greys’ disappeared (I’ve been told by Revolut that these ‘pre-authorised’ amounts disappear after 10 days).

The trouble is that until the greys disappear, the balance shown isn’t a ‘true’ one.

So, my question to any experienced users out there is, ‘how do we get round this’. At the moment, it’s made us a bit wary of using the card in places where ‘pre-authorisation’ takes place (Cruises, some hotels etc) because it seems to give us a false impression of how much we’ve actually got left on the card.

Appreciate your wisdom Revoluters!



Had the same problem, and it’s not revoluts fault. The grey lines will dissepear 10 days after the transaction was made.

I never use my revolut card for an authorization, it’s better to use a real credit card for you authorizations and settle the bill with your revolut card.