The power of Crowdsourced Merchant Logos/Data?

What if users could press the merchant logo of a transaction and press a button, say “Report inaccurate logo?” or even “Report inaccurate merchant name”.

It would then open a dialogue with some options, e.g. “What is inaccurate”, and then a few options, e.g. “wrong logo, too much zoom, too little zoom, Something else, etc.”.

And then perhaps even give users an option to upload a more correct logo, or send a URL to the official logo file, etc.

Afterwards, the new data should be presented like Google Maps Local Guides: Show the users that frequently interact with the particular merchant a dialogue: “We can see that you have a number of transactions with ‹merchant_name›. Other users suggested these logos. Which do you think is more appropriate?” and then a number of options, including “Skip” and “Never show me again” options.

Because, I mean, why even have merchant logos when most of them look like ****?

EDIT: And no, I do not advocate removing these logos. Logos/images say more than a thousand words and, moreover, the brain cognition involving visuals is many times more efficient than recognition of construed meaning, such as words and sentences.


Wow, that logo really looks like sh*t. :rofl::grin:

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I suggested exactly this to Starling when their forum was alive. It would ensure logos and other merchant data are updated quickly and accurately without taking up any Revolut staff time. It would also increase engagement with users so they actually feel like they’re contributing to the product, making it more likely that they’ll use it on a regular basis.

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I agree
Many of the logo has disappeared on my end
Ryanair now just an airplane logo

There are still some logo left
So it a mix about logo and general icon

What about an option to use logo or just general icons?
For user preferences