The payment was declined



I have received that message when I tried to do a deposit in a trading platform from my revolut card. What is the reason? I am going to use my revolut card to travel but to do deposits like that as well. Thx.


Hey @manmass :slight_smile:

Which trading platform was it?


Hi Julio,

EToro trading platform from Chile.



Hey @manmass :slight_smile:

I once contacted eToro Spain regarding this issue. They only accept selected prepaid cards :frowning:
Getting in touch directly with eToro might be a good idea :smile:


already did. I have been told that the problem is yours, not theirs.


Hi @manmass,

please make sure that you disabled the security features for e-commerce payments in the app.

Does the app show declined payments or does the website of etoro just show it as declined ?



Hi @manmass,

Let me apologise for any inconvenience caused, but I’m afraid this merchant is not supported.

There are some merchants that are not supported with your Revolut card. At the moment, this includes:
1. Financial securities brokers and dealers
2. Foreign exchange bureaus (including TravelEx ATMs)
3. Unmanned petrol stations (although you can still pay inside!)

Once again, apologies.


Andreas K.