The option to exclude a specific transaction from the analytics

What I would like to see is an option where I can click on a spesific transaction and exclude it from the analytics/budget, for example if I buy something for work or for someone else as it would not apply to my budget then. This would also work great for large one-off purchases such as TVs etc.


That would be great. I have the same problem here :slight_smile:


I believe If you swipe left in a specific transaction you will see the option to hide it. Then when you go to the analytics tab it shouldn’t show anymore.

That would hide the transaction completely. I don’t want to hide the transaction from the feed, only from the analtics.

It also just hides it until you log in again.

In the latest update to iOS and Android you can now exclude certain transactions from analytics and budget.

Looks like this feature disappeared :disappointed: I’m using the latest version 5.52 (June 2019) and overnight the option to hide from analytics was gone (the option to completely hide the transaction is still there though). Any clues?

yes, it was removed

see: Lost ability to toggle transactions out of analytics