The Most Incompetent "Bank" I've Had to Deal With


For the last couple days, I’ve been trying to sort out a variety of different issues with my Revolut account. Having forgotten the pin on the account, I messaged in regards to getting that issue sorted. Unfortunately, since it has been case after case of poor customer service on your behalf. I’ve been told to take the same steps repeatedly despite having already done it (reset the app), constantly having the chat reset after having to leave the app to follow instructions, incredibly long response times of up to an hour or more, and generally poor customer service. I can genuinely say this is by far the worst banking experience I’ve ever had to endure. On top of all this, either the chat functionality of your app is constantly failing or I’m now being ignored, causing me to have little to no options now to sort this issue.

It’s gotten to the point that I’ve had to get in contact with the FCA as well as the Financial Ombudsman.

Personally, I can say that having your only immediate customer service channel through an app is a ridiculously stupid proposition. In this case, where the app fails several times to send an image or even work, there is no official channel to get in contact after that. I’d urge you to reconsider, but to be frank this entire ordeal has caused me enough serious concern to move my business elsewhere regardless.

I REALLY hope you don’t get that banking licence because if my experience is anything like what is to be expected if you do, a lot of people are going to be in a whirlwind of trouble when they do.


I agree, their customer service is not that great at all.


I have Monzo, Curve, and Monese cards. I’ve also worked for one of the larger banks in the UK. Revolut has been by far the worst out of all of them in terms of customer experience. They shouldn’t have the excuse of being a fintech startup either. They’re applying for a full banking licence. If you want to play with the big boys, you have to be at a minimum at least partially competent in customer service.

I just feel sorry for those paying premium and still having to deal with such shoddy service. It will end up biting back if it’s not sorted ASAP