The most annoying "features" of Revolut


I have been an aggressive user of Revolut for business and for personal use for a few months. I was hoping it would become a substitute for the standard banking for me but there are a number of “features” that actually make me want to go back to my old bank:

  • Business login code - why do I need to wait 30 seconds for the arrival of a pin code in an email, every time I want to login into my business account? No other company, from Skrill to PayPal do that and I think this is exactly the threshold where security crosses into insanity.

  • Random SMS for payments - When making payments, some transactions require for SMS code. There seems to be no pattern on which transactions would need it. A higher value transaction may go fine smoothly, and a second lower value transaction may require you to wait for SMS confirmation. When you are a business that distributes many payments daily, this quickly becomes a nightmare

  • The SMS that never arrives - I have not had one single time when SMS arrives within a minute. Often I have to re-request it and eventually wait for 2-3 minutes for a phone call. Imagine doing this for each transaction!

  • There is not way to search transactions (that I have found). Good luck finding your payment to John Smith among the dozen payments that you have made recently.

  • Do I really need to save EVERYONE who I pay as recipient? Some organisations or businesses require only occasional or one-time payment. Yet, you must go through the motions of saving them into your recipient list because Revolut says so! Any normal bank will only require the name, the IBAN and the amount without the hassle of saving all the details of a company you will likely never pay again.

I am not even mentioning minor things, like having to have a separate login credentials for this community page, having private account only in the app and business account only in web and the complete absence of the “remember this computer” feature.

Good luck Revolut, but I am keeping my old bank account open.


Not in the UK. Here you indeed need to “save a recipient” first whenever working with your account, and Revolut seems to adapt the stupidest policies.


Revolut services has become completely ridiculous. Codes are not working. Pulling out my business account and going back to my normal bank