The Express Delivery Scam

I’ve been going through some of the feedback trends and it seems mine might be one of the several cases of bad service Revolut has provided to their users.

  1. I am travelling monday the 24th of April to Asia. Ordered a card on the 16th of April and, since I was short on time, chose the Express Delivery option ( up to 3 business days till card arrives my door ). The basic delivery, if I’m not mistaken, takes up to 9 business days. This Express Delivery option costs 20 euros ( instead of the basic 7 euros ).

  2. Today, the 20th April, was the supposed limit day to receive the card. As you might have already deducted by yourself, it didn’t.

  3. Contacted the costumer support in App. They told me they could refund the totality of the money after I ordered a new card. I might have been a little bit naive, but I agreed to order the new card.

  4. Costumer support refunds the 20 euros of the new card, but not the 20 euros of the old card that never arrived.

What’s the situation?

Revolut is telling me it is fair that I paid 20 euros to have my hands on a card on a date that, basically, corresponds to a basic tariff ( 7 euros ) target date.


If you keep this kind of management of costumer expectations and treatment then please adjust your app interface with more useful information when ordering the card. Something like the following would be more realistic:

Select a delivery method

[ ] Global express delivery with Revolut Premium ( Free )

[ ] Express delivery ( same as Standard delivery, but we just get more money from you ) ( €20 )
Note: Not faster than Standard delivery!

[ ] Standard delivery ( €7 )
Note: Expected some random amount of days from now

P.S: Revolut homies, at least you should have refunded me extra €13 euros from the first card, to make it as costly as a Standard delivery. Not that hard, and fair for everybody.


Hi @MiguelRibeiro
Understand your frustration.
Your card could get lost in a post ,and Revolut hands are tied once card been posted.
When you contacted support ,you should ask for refund of 20€ and get standard postage-Since you travelling on monday,there isn’t sufficient time to get card delivered (3 business days.)


If you go to Asia I suggest that you pack your pockets with cash. Just came back from Thailand and card did not help too much. Many places do not accept Mastercard (or no card at all) or ask for at least 300 THB (in Thailand) purchase in order to use the card. Also, in Thailand if you want to withdraw you have to pay at least 200 THB fee to the ATM’s.

My card came with Express delivery in just 1-2 days. I find it odd that it did not for you. Sorry.

Also, Revolut exchange rate for THB is worst than the one in local exchanges (look for SuperRich exchange if you go to Thailand for good rates)

Have a good trip!

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