The currency cloud ltd instead of my personalized iban


Hey guys,
When I transfer money from my revolut to my N26 account every time I see my name as a sender with my personalized iban account.
Today, I received the money that I sent under a company’s name called THE CURRENCY CLOUD LTB.

I thought that those days were gone. What would have happened if I had sent them to a company or to an individual person with THE CURRENCY CLOUD LTB name instead of mine?!


May I ask which currency have you sent?


Your personal IBAN with your name is only used for SEPA EUR transfers. If you sent another currency, the sender would still be the Currency Cloud.

Unless you did a EUR transfer from Revolut of course


I’m sending euro to my euro N26 account every time.


Then there must be something wrong with Revolut payments again.

But I agree, I would really freak out if I needed to transfer money to someone else or to a company. I know the money would reach them, but I really want it to be from my own account in my name - this really makes Revolut unreliable for anything important or offical…same goes for their statements which don’t offer the full info on any bank transfer - reference field, sender/recipient’s IBAN…