The card was not delivered yet. I ordered my card before 1 month.

I ordered my card before more from 1 month and haven’t received yet. I cannot connect via chat app to talk to someone. What can I do? I want to give me money back.

@Miroslav Have you gone to the Card tab in the app to place your order and can you see that you’ve been charged for this? Please double check.

Yes, i order before 1 month.

Could you please reach out our support team so we can advise further?

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Hi Andreask
I’ve ordered the card, all ok
I hope to receive It quickly and that It works fine.
Thanks for all
Great support, Andreask

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Sorry I wrong the post

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Looks like everything works out for you now

Enjoy your :r:

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I ordered two cards in 27th January, one with normal delivery, another with express delivery.
Both arrived at my house (Portugal) in the 31th January.

So I’m waiting for my card from two different companies. Gas Buddy and Revolut. Today I received a black envelope in the mail but the side had been cut open and the contents removed. Does the US Revolut card arrive in a black envelope??? Trying to figure out which card was stolen.

Hiya, I have ordered a new card and I was meant to receive it on the 14th June 2020 but didn’t get anything yet.
I’ve clicked on didn’t receive it and now it appears I am being asked to pay again to get a new one.
I am hoping that someone can assist me.


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Did you get a new one, @Koumila? I’m having a similar issue.
Hi @anon33247966, could you please help me too? I have ordered my card on July 16 and have not received it (even though it shows delivered on app).