The card was not delivered yet. I ordered my card before 1 month.


I ordered my card before more from 1 month and haven’t received yet. I cannot connect via chat app to talk to someone. What can I do? I want to give me money back.


@Miroslav Have you gone to the Card tab in the app to place your order and can you see that you’ve been charged for this? Please double check.


Yes, i order before 1 month.


Could you please reach out our support team so we can advise further?


Hi Andreask
I’ve ordered the card, all ok
I hope to receive It quickly and that It works fine.
Thanks for all
Great support, Andreask


Sorry I wrong the post


Looks like everything works out for you now

Enjoy your :r:


I ordered two cards in 27th January, one with normal delivery, another with express delivery.
Both arrived at my house (Portugal) in the 31th January.