The card did not work at the Caltrain ticket machine in Palo Alto, CA, USA

Card not recognized, my other VISA worked.

Hey @tboillat :slight_smile:

Were you using the chip? The magnetic strip? Contactless?
Did the transaction ever show up as rejected in the :r: app?

I honestly don’t know, it is like an ATM. I assume it reads the chip because the card is not entirely inserted. Not rejected, it did not go that far…

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(Was it Revolut-Mastercard or Revolut-Visa?)

It was most probably Chip.
Since you didn’t see anything in the Revolut-App: It is highly likely that the CalTrain machine did not accept the card at all.

It might be that it is (was) not online and therefore did not accept a Prepaid card.

Out of curiosity:
Was your other card (from your other bank) a Credit Visa card?

That is a VISA Revolut Card and my other one (the one that worked) is a normal VISA credit card from Liberty

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OK, most probably the machine did not accept the Prepaid card. I reckon they are doing an offline transaction. Revolut is online-only.

It is marked as “prepaid” on the Chip/Magstripe and does not have an offline limit.

Yes exactly. I was not aware of the different cards that Revolut has. I met a friend who has connection to Revolut and gave me a startup kit with a card

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Since Revolut cards don’t have any offline limit, you will run into problems when paying on some machines or buying in a plane or some trains. (For example: In Germany, Deutsche Bahn only accepts credit cards in their restaurants on the trains.)

No problem. :slight_smile:

New accounts have Visa cards, old accounts have Mastercards. And Premium accounts have Mastercards as well (for the time being).

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Thanks for your prompt and accurate answer

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Fun fact. A couple of years back i had the exact same problem in Palo Alto. But with my AMEX Platinum card.


I don’t have it anymore. Had the gold one for a couple of years because of the travel insurance and protection. Danske bank closed their amex offering and I got it for free for two years. Wouldn’t get it again.

Dear Revolut

I was facing issues twice now while travelling in Germany. First, “Deutsche Bahn” did not accept my credit card when purchasing a ticket on the train. Second, a ticket machine from “Nürnberger Verkehrsgesellschaft” did also not accept the card. There was no transaction recorded in the Revolut-App at all. I have read about the “Offline”-Fact.

My question: how can I make sure to use the Revolut-Card as reliable as my current “Backup-Solution” (normal credit card). I would like to decom the “backup solution” asap (also due to costs for the “backup”-card incurred). I’m generally very happy with the Revolut-System but it seems that it is lacking some reliability.

Many thanks for some support/advise.

If you travel, you should always have at least one backup solution, be it cash or another card from another issuer, ideally with another payment scheme. That’s a general rule, not only related to Revolut.

Also, Prepaid cards (almost) never work on offline POSes, by design. There’s nothing that can be done about it.
Noone knows when or if at all Revolut will issue cards that allow offline payments.

Also, in countries like germany that still have a local payment card scheme like girocard in that case, you need to make sure anything but that local scheme is accepted at all. Many shops don’t accept anything else. Also nothing that Revolut can do there, you need to get cash for those situations.

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Dear @slz
thank you for your response.

If you travel, you should always have at least one backup solution, be it cash or another card from another issuer, ideally with another payment scheme. That’s a general rule, not only related to Revolut.

Well, is it a full credit card or not? It was sold as a credit card with no limitations. I understand the offline-fact and everything and yes, I currently do have a backup solution. But why would I use revolut if it does not work half the time I require it (e.g. as in the examples mentioned previously). Nothing wrong with your response, but not very helpful either.

I was not talking about the coverage or acceptance rate of credit cards in general which is - by the way - terrible in germany generally.

It’s a prepaid debit card. I can’t remember any instance where it was advertised as a credit card.

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