The bitcoin price changes but my EUR / BTC exchange rate remains the same


For a few days my money that I have in cryptocurrencies does not move. Although the bitcoin price varies the EUR / BTC change is the same, neither goes up nor down.

For example: If 1btc = 100 € and tomorrow 1btc = 99 € or 1btc = 110 € in my account I always have 100 €

Does anyone else have this problem?


[BUG] 2 devices display different values for cryptos (main account screen)

Yes, it’s the same for me as well --> click ;o))


Yeah same issue, on version 5.6 on S7.

You take profit from exchanging BTC, so at least fix the bug I payed for…


It seems none of the rates are updating properly for weeks now, with no response from anyone @Revolut at all.

The whole situation here is of great concern & I simply don’t trust this platform enough to use it in it’s current state.


It is right.

I bought a month ago and everything worked fine.

The only answer on the part of Revolut has been that it closes and opens session whenever it wants that it is updated.

It seemed regrettable.


This happens also with other currencies. The EUR value is not updating to the course changes.


Come on @Revolut - just a simple acknowlegement would be nice…

@AndreasK @JessicaZ @GeorgeR @olga_revolut @rafael_revolut @vlad


Hi guys! The issue with the fiat equivalent of the crypto not updating on the main screen will be fixed with 5.8 app update, which is going to be released next week! We are really sorry for the inconveniences.


Thanks for the update, this is very appreciated :wink:


Thanks for your patience! I can also confirm that all other sections (e.g Exchange) are not affected. Have a nice evening!