The biggest Revolut community


Hi all,
I am wondering where is the biggest Revolut community. In which country is this awesome service developped the most? Does this statistics exist?


No public stats at the moment, but given how Revolut is based in London and was launched out of London, I assume that the biggest demographic for :r: is the UK, which should be closely followed by the other large European countries (France, Ireland, …).


I assume the German community is also quite substancial already.


I’m not too sure, it might be.

I was under the impression that N26 has a foothold there, but Revolut’s definitely making inroads there (:r: entering Germany faster than N26 can open in the UK).


N26 has the advantage of “internationalized app”, while revolut is all “plain english”; with localisations, revolut could grew in “DACH”-Area… Also they’d have a bigger community in Switzerland, if revolut would provide a CHF-IBAN (or an account in CH to use with reference-number), as revolut would be the “best euro-account” for swiss: swiss banks having high fees, and german banks are on a “only for germans”-trip…

on topic:
so i think outside UK, revolut shares still an “insider-tip existance”…