The big ATM PIN changing thread


Hello there.

I think it would be useful if all of us would know what ATMs actually support changing our Revolut card PIN. Where is it (country) and what bank or brand does it belong to?

Let us focus everybody’s knowledge about that in this thread to help others!

Thank you very much for participating and sharing your experience. :smile:


I think every ATM (at least a banks ATMs, never tried Euronet…) in Czech republic support PIN changing.


Great. Thank you for sharing! :+1:


UK : Barclays Bank ATM worked for me. March 2018.


Thank you very much. :+1:


Most if not all UK ATMs will support changing PIN (only 4 digit though, no 6 digit)


Changing a 4 digit PIN is good. However it would be better to be able to convert to a 6 digit PIN.

Not quite what is suggested in this thread , but still relevant I hope?


Poland-I’ve never met any ATM without possibility of change PIN.


Germany Sparkasse doesn’t work for Master and Visa. I changed Master Pin in the Chech Republic.


Gibraltar worked for my Visa.


Yes, I tried that too. They do offer a change of PIN at the ATM - but it only works with their own cards.