The app can't accept my postal code

I’m trying to fill-in the form in the app. I can’t pass the section “Where do you live?”.
Postal code can’t be accepted in any form. My postal code’s shape is xx-xxx. Furthermore, when fill-in other fields, and I click the loupe the “Address line 2” gets filled with “Kosowa” value and it completely doesn’t make any sense! Please enable me to complete the form.

Please ensure that you aren’t using special characters when adding the address. So Kosowa is not the correct area to go along with the address?

No special characters are used. I’ve tried several ways:
5 digits with dash. (In Poland postal codes are usually given in the -* form);
5 digits without any dash character;
“PL” in the front and 5 digits, both with and without dash…
This must be an error in the app.

And “Kosowa”? I have no idea where the app took it from. There’s even no street in the neighbourhood with that name.

After I click “Next” it displays “Please fill all fields in the form”.

OK, it’s been solved!
There was a Polish character “ń” in the street name.
Anyway, it was misleading, when it refused the postal code all the time without any remark about the street name spelling.

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I’m experiencing exactly the same problem. I’ve checked it hundreds of times and I don’t know why I keep getting “Fill all the fields” message. There are no special characters at all.



I recall having this problem once, and my problem was that “address line 2” couldn’t be empty no matter what… So I just split the address between the two fields.

Yes I filled all the fields - the problem was that I cannot even use slash. There should be some explanation at the beginning because it’s not even mentioned there that you cannot use local characters like ą or ę.

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I have the same problem from switzerland. He doesn’t recognize my postal code

Hellow, I have the same problem, when I fill in “what’s your home address?” and press “Next” it shows me “Postcode ***** is invalid, please change it before continuing”. I am sure I wrote proper one and I tried Address Line 1 in different ways WITHOUT any special charecters and so on, do you have any suggestions ? Thank you.

Witam, mam ten sam problem z kodem pocztowym. Zaznaczam ze nie uzywalam polskich znakow oraz myslnikow a nie moge zarejestrowac nowego konta. Jakies rady?Czy to bład aplikacji?

U mnie kod w formacie xx-xxx został zaakceptowany. Był natomiast problem z formatem adresu. Miałem komunikat “Fill all the fields” więc musiałem rozbić ulicę i numer budynku i lokalu na dwie części. Potem znowu coś było nie tak i pamiętam, że przy ulicy zamiast podawać 58/20 podałem 58m20 i zostało zaakceptowane.

Use English characters only and it works, i do this always when i order from other countries for example. Seems to be the only way to be sure.

I am trying to start using Revolut and I live in Ireland. I have filled out all 6 fields, Country, Postal code, Address line 1, 2, Town, Region, using only basic Latin letters, digits and spaces, no special characters. I am still getting invalid post code error and cannot continue in the Android application. I have tried putting IE- in front of the post code. No difference. What’s the story? How am I supposed to use this?

I just got into the application. It seems a space in the post code was the problem.

Adding the EirCode in the Post Code field fixed the issue for me

Was this ever fixed?

Having the same problem with

Other Visa and matercards work just fine (i.e. no pincode issues)

The zip code should be in ##-### forms on the android app.