The app asks me to verify my source of funds again


Hi @AndreasK some weeks ago I verified my source of funds and my top-up limit was increased. But now is asking me again to do it? Why?

I need to keep on topping up money. Any solution?



They increase your yearly limit up to how much you can justify.

If you can justify of a monthly salary of £2,000 net, they will probably give you a yearly limit of £30,000.

If for some reason you reach that limit, it means you had other incomes, which you need to justify.


Thanks for your answer @quentinb

They should consider also that people have savings and if the money I want to top up is already in my bank account, there is not suspicious movements there.


That’s a fair point :slight_smile: Well they’re still new, definitely not perfect, I’m sure they will take your comment in consideration :slight_smile:

@AndreasK if you could report this? I think @danielespi has a valid point here. Thanks :slight_smile:


It looks like you’ve managed to increased your annual top up limit.


@AndreasK On the topic of yearly limits, just a feedback about a small issue:

  • Last week I gave proof of funds and increased my yearly limit.
  • Today I changed my country in Revolut through the support chat, it went fine but I noticed one thing: once the country updated the yearly limit went back to my original one. Thanks god I saw it and mentioned that to the support guy, who then increased it back to the right value.

If you can, could you forward this to the relevent team? I think the change of country shouldn’t affect the yearly limit.