The account has not been updated


There have been 14 working days and 21 in total since i send 100 euro from my bank account with the same name and my account is still zero !!
As for the specific transfer my bank showed me the approval of the act.


Weird. Have you included your Revolut account reference as well?


Hmm … Probably it’s that. Thnxs. Now ? I have to cancel the transfer ?


Make sure you follow every Revolut’s instruction when topping up by bank transfer. You will need Revolut’s IBAN but also the unique numeric reference to correctly do the transfer. Since all users use the same Revolut’s IBAN for topping up, the unique reference is actually your Revolut account number and Revolut needs this to place money on your account quickly and efficiently.

It is probable that the transfer arrived to Revolut’s bank account, but due to the lack of the account reference it has not been credited to your account.

You probably can’t cancel the transfer now - contact Revolut, explain you have not included your account reference and they will be able to track your transfer by your IBAN.