Thanks for making graph optional


Since v.5.43 (android) - dunno about iphones - Revolut finally made optional that super annoying useless spending graph thing. Now you can turn it off in Profile (turn off “show balance chart” slider).

Thanks, Revolut. :+1:
Now - waiting for DARK mode !


took them long enough to implement a toggle feature

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thanks a lot @moon for telling us, I wouldn’t have noticed


About time. The best change to the app in a long time :slight_smile:

Now can we have the same toggle switch for the monthly spend ticker? :grin:


Its should be hiding automatic then scrolling down

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I have the latest iOS version and there is no option to switch off the balance slider :frowning:


Coming soon for iOS also :wink:


What I really like about the changes in the version is that the buttons “exchange”, “add money” and “details” are clearly labelled.
Regardless to the graph changes


I hope this ‘coming soon’ is not the same as for Apple Pay! :joy:


You know that Metal improvement thread? Is anything coming from that?!

Granted I can’t wait until this change makes it to iOS too! That and hopefully changing merchant names makes it to iOS and Android!


Much cleaner UI and a very welcome addition along with ability to close the in app messages. I am all for less clutter on the phone screen :+1:

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Yep, it is not yet present on iOS. Hopefully with the next release…


It’s rolling out fully today for iOS