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So as this is a Feedback topic, I wanted to give feedback instead of a rant, I happened to be receiving a refund because of flight delay to my Revolut account. Now, of course after detailing every detail to the flight company, they’ve managed to mess up.
After trying to get a bank transfer confirmation from the company itself, I finally managed to get it after 4th attempt, and I just forwarded it to @AndreasK who successfully assigned into my account even though it was sent with wrong details.
I’m a satisfied customer, and I know Revolut does things differently than other companies do, but before you rant a whole lot and saying they’re a scam, think before you speak,be kind to them(as they do deserve it),and precisely detail what’s wrong , they have to follow rules and guidelines set by FCA(or any financial regulator for that matter) , as any financial company has to,but being a hard-ass on them will not help your situation, and yes I know we are talking about money, but they will do whatever they can, and offer as much support as they can, but they blew up big-time, accept that, they’re working on improving their support, and company all around,and be patient, because if this continues, Revolut will have far more customers than 2million, and you’ll look back at 50million and most likely say that you were one of the early adopters in the first or so million.

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This is not correct. Revolut as an eMoney Financial Institution is required by law to ask for those documents. Either for verification known as KYC (Know Your Customer) or because of money laundering laws.

The regululation Revolut have to abide by is readily available on the european union website as well as the FCA website.

Here is a link

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If you’re unable to be verified your money can be sent back to original source.

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