Thank The Lord


Hopefully now Coinbase has joined the party I don’t have to worry anymore about this limits and verification shit any more

Pity as I really liked Revolut and was on board

I’ve said it before and i will say it again, happy to let 30k roll through the account no questions asked then take the moral high ground

I could have proved my income (in fact a simple credit check would prove otherwise ie Companies House) but I couldn’t be arsed to be completely honest

I would understand if I lived in Mexico or Columbia but I am transferring money from a UK bank account in my own name lol

Well now Coinbase have cut out the middle man

This will be one of those in years to come ‘where did it all go wrong’

As a business owner I have several different types of clients and I know how to cater to each type be it big or small

Now I am sure one of the experts (fanboys) will pipe in with a comment but the simple top and bottom of it is unless you have a radical rethink on this policy about 60% of your client base are about to start buying crypto’s direct from their UK bank accounts

Massive headache solved


Harsh but you might onto something here. At least in the UK this might prove right. We will see.


Ironic, isn’t it?
Who was the first one to pipe in the comment that’s just as far from any constructive criticism as it can?

I have neither signed up nor expected cryptocurrencies to be the main reason for using this service in the first place. This is for foreign card spending. As such, it’s pretty perfect. Period.


As @revofan said, the business model of Revolut is not based on trading cryptos. And for what it is, it‘s pretty good :grinning:

I travel a lot and for that i have a nice service. It would be a bit dumb to use Revolut in its state for crypto trading.


Yes ok I agree with the international travel users, but even still I bet there are some who are as equally frustrated who use it in this way

Have a quick gander on Reddit…

But I will stand by the comment about 60% of peeps using it for crypto


Sorry, I really dont think so.


I don’t think 900.000 users use Revolut just to send SEPA transfers to Coinbase or Bitstamp. If you look at the forum there aren’t many issues revolving around Coinbase or other crypto transfer issues. Most are about travelling. I would agree that manu use it mainly to get the SEPA transfer capabilities as this is hard at some Banks.


Its basically the easiest way to buy crypto in the Uk atm give or take


Consider this: the yearly top up limit is hardly self-imposed. Revolut is regulated differently than a banks are. They can’t get rid of this before obtaining a banking license.


I think you’re speaking nonsense and you’re just using ‘big words’.

A credit check has nothing to do with Companies House (It is a registry for corporations and limited partnerships, not individuals), a credit check has nothing to do with your income or your wealth & capital gains (It is one method for assessing the likelihood of a borrower repaying debt/the likelihood of a borrower defaulting), and transferring money from a UK bank account in your own name does not mitigate the need to go through KYC/IDV.


Said my piece not using fancy words or trying to be rude

Nothing bad to say about revolut

Just how I roll sorry if I offended anyone

Its dog eat dog out there if you don’t adapt you get left behind…


There is no hard feelings at all, we just don’t understand your views as Revolut is evolving all the time and quick too.

What do you want to see from Revolut? Also have you tried using the card while travelling or any of the other features they offer?


Revolut: great in many areas, most innovative fintech business in Europe, maybe in the world, moving at break-neck speed. All at the expense of Customer Service. I know, their app provides complex services for an average person used to dealing with legacy banks but nobody will ever read T&Q until they run into trouble. Then you will come across Rita, which needs to be either drastically improved or ditched, or they will wait hours for live agent. When Revolut improves their Customers Service experience, they will be unmatched, I dare say, in the world. It is not the case at the moment. Andreas alone will not solve problems of people who join this forum only to seek solution to their problem. It just makes it look like Revolut is falling apart while the opposite is the truth.