Thailand - prior announcement to Revolut


I am planning to go to Thailand. Do I have to announce this to Revolut in Advance? I do not want to get my card locked (they might suspect fraud activity as it is gonna be far from my home) as I plan to use as the main payment way. Yes, I do usually use the location based security feature but there may be times when I’ll not have Internet in Thailand (especially right when I arrive). Please advise me guys.

Thanks in advance!

Use some common sense and have a second more reliable card as well as some cash.

I will ofcourse but I would really love to be able to use this card and I would announce in advance if it is needed to avoid other problems.

Hey @Dean111 :slight_smile:

To be certain, be sure to use the card FIRST in your own country, and also be sure to be fully validated with time enough before leaving. You can also inform the in-app support team so they can check for you and they can give you the appropriate recommendations so you don’t get blocked :wink:

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