Thailand HELP!!!


Ok I used my cats for the first time in Thailand and I only got 39.85 THB Meaning I spent £130 not £115 like it says on revolt I have read other posts about how crappy revolt are with the THB this is my first trip away and I am now in a state of panic the only other cards I have are my visa (TSB) and my master card (TSB) can anymore help me out with what the hell I can do?! If I keep getting low rates like this my solo 6/8 month trip will turn into 4 months!!! Plus the card only works in one ATM HELP!!!


Revolut does offer crappy rates for THB and this is in their Fair Usage Policy. What I would probably suggest is to open a local account with a local thai bank and use Transferwise to move cash to this account. It will cost you a lot less than Revolut. I can’t tell which local bank is good for this so this may require some digging your end


I got an exchange rate of 39.81 not the 42.81 advertised. My friend also has withdrawn but he didn’t get an exchange rate like this it was a proper exchange rate. I have contacted support and they don’t seem to be able to help.

I lost in total £15.00 for using this card in an ATM in Thailand??

I don’t think I can open a Thai account as I am just backpacking though. Am i selecting something wrong on the ATM??


I’ve checked the rates on Revolut at 11.20 uk time today. The buy rate was 42.97 and the sell rate was 43.86 (i.e. 1/0.0228). The Google buy rate at the time was 43.71 and the sell rate was 43.72. As you can see, the Revolut rate is skewed towards the sell rate but is nowhere near £15 on a £130 transaction. It should have cost you 0.74 thb per pound i.e. around 100 baht (slightly over £2). My guess is that the rest is just a bank’s fees. Therefore, look around for banks that charge reasonable fees and always select local currency at ATM when asked.

Hope that helps