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What are the best ATM in Thailand? Are there still ATM without a fee? If not, which have the lowest fees and highest limits?

Paying and ATMs in Thailand

I couldn’t find any ATM that didn’t charge a 200bht access fee


Sorry to say that Thai banks ATM charges for using the Revolut card are not just confined to overseas users. They charge Thai residents a fee for own bank withdrawals if out of province from home branch even same bank. For inter bank i.e. using your card in another banks ATM in the same province a charge applies. Use another bank’s ATM in another province and charge is even higher. S, just take comfort when using your Revolut card at an ATM in Thailand that its not just visitors which have to pay ATM charges - residents get stung as well (albeit not as much )
Thai banks charge for just about everything that in the UK would be done for free. Cheque books, issue of ATM card, annual fee for ATM card, about £50 to renew a credit card. I once cheekily asked when they were going to have an entrance fee to go into the bank!!!
Hooray for Revolut though for helping cut down other bank charges that can be avoided


By the way, I lived in Thailand for many years so I am commenting on personal experience! Just another comment about ATM machines in Thailand (again fro personal experience) -occasionally the network linking ATMS machines goes down , When that happens there is an upper limit per transaction. If memory serves me right it is 5000 baht. If this happened don’t panic if trying to draw out more (ie its not a problem with your card) If not desperate for cash cancel the transaction, try another banks ATM -sometimes the fault is just the one banks network or Mastercard connection. If all bank ATMs are down try again later. They usually get the problem fixed in an hour or so. By waiting you will be save multiple 200 baht fees per transaction.
Remember as well most ATMs in Thaild work the opposit of those in the UK (at least Bangkok Bank & Siam Commercial Bank) Cash comes out first then receipt then card. In the UK card comes out first. Its easy to grab the cash & receipt and forget the card. I know from personal experience last year. I forgot my card in the ATM. Fortunately an honest (yes majority of Thai folk ARE honest) took the card into the nearby branch and they kept it by for me.


The only bank in Thailand that charges no fees for ATM withdrawal using a foreign card such as Revolut is Citibank. But there are very few, only three or four branches in Bangkok. The most convenient for visitors is probably the Citibank branch on the corner of Asoke/Sukhumvit, but unless you will be in the area anyway it’s probably not worth the cost of going there just to save Bt200.


I’ve been in Thailand now for a couple of weeks and indeed all the ATM seem to charge the 200 baht. As mentioned the Citibank ones are really difficult to find so Ive not tested them.

I’m now going to Laos pretty soon and I noticed that the Revolut exchange rate for the Laos kip seems to be also around 2% below the interbank rate. Anybody have more experience with Revolut with the Laos kip?


Citibank are now charging 200 Baht as well unfortunately. Thailand is a problem country with Revolut as we don’t get the interbank rate. Today I paid a hotel tab(they were reluctant to accept card until I kicked up a stink) 7100 baht was about £172, not the best rate but still prefer to give my money to Revolut than the High Street Banks who have fleeced me for years :slight_smile:


Update from current trip to Thailand(Dec 2016) as noted all Thailand ATMs charge 200 baht per transaction. My previous guess of uper limit is incorrect now. I drew out 12000 with no problem except I accidently chose Mastercard rate of exchange so got poor rate. My fault.SCB atms are a bit more faffing to get to right option. Bangkok bsnk is a bit more straightforward. Credit/debit cards are now more widely accepted. Tesco Lotus, Big C, department stores, McDonalds.PTT petrol stations even in smaller towns took the Revolut card with no problem. Small shops, post office and surprisingly KFC wont take them so have cash ready. Markets, street food sellers, bus tickets taxis still very much cash only. Hope this helps

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