Thai Baht Questions


Like Russian Ruble?

Yes, use your N26 to pay as they’ll take it at the MasterCard rate which should be better for something so illiquid.


What do you mean “soon 199 RUB for service” ? Who is imposing this fee?


I will subscribe to a streaming service, it is not a banking fee. My initial idea was to pay with my Revolut card but, as Reechan confirmed, I better use my N26 card to save a few pennies :sweat_smile:


and therefore Monzo takes no risk. Whereas :r: does :slight_smile:


Yeah but Monzo offer bad products and overcharge for things :thinking:


those talking about exchanging cash to thai baht you can do that easily in the basement in suvarnabhumi at almost identical rates to anywhere else in the city.i use one called value exchange but there is also superrich.revolut and transferwise with hidden rates give poor rates.


I don t know about the 1.5 % but i got applied a 220 baths commission every time i ve used my revolut visa at ATM s


Please check whose this commission is. I am pretty sure tha this is an ATM’s provider’s surcharge.


Next time you should use the ATMs from AEON. They only charge a fee of 150฿.


Yes, those are the fees from the ATM providers.


Will check
Thank you


Yes. Revolut don’t charge you anything, but they can’t afford to reimburse costs from ATM providers because that’s not affordable.


You see the ATM fee when you withdraw money from the ATM onscreen.


Revolut don’t charge. Always ATMs.


I think he means after you reached your monthly limit. How can you see it then?


In case of Revolut’s fee? Here (operation’s details):


Hello all, new to this and i believe there’s still a question unclear to me re: THB; if I do have THB on my Revolug card and use it to pay in a restaurant for example - will I still get an extra charge. as I am paying in THB? Thank you and sorry if already answered!


No. When you pay 1500฿ in a restaurant it will charge you 1500฿ from your card (if there is enough ฿ to cover the bill on your card).


Are you sure? I thought there was a 1.5% markup for THB transactions, with a further 0.5% during weekends as it’s a volatile currency not commonly traded. (so 1.5% during the week, 2% during the weekend)


markup is for conversion of currency. If you already have your funds converted into THB, there is no additional markup, as you have already “paid” the markup when you made the exchange in advance.