TfL contactless


I tried to register my Revolt Card on TfL Contactless page
Although I get a £0 validation on my Revolut card, TfL seems to reject the card.


Hi @FernandoMiguel,

Thank you for letting us know. Maybe TFL does not accept prepaid card. Do you know if they accept prepaid cards?


Andreas K


@AndreasK i havent tried to pay with it yet, was trying to add it to my account before i did.
i’ll give it a try this week


OK perfect.

Let me know please.


I used my Revolut card for contactless payment on TfL public transport in August. Worked without problem - capped at £6.50 (much cheaper than a TravelCard).
Registered on the TfL site a few days later to check where I’d tapped in/out and at what point travel costs were capped. Also worked without problem :+1:


I think you can only see trips after you register the contactless card, right? maybe i’m wrong, i’ve added mine bank card long long ago.

I still cant add revolute to my TfL account :frowning:
i wonder if i have to actually use it first at a yellow dot :\

let me re-try adding


just tried once again, and this is all i get


Are all the details right?


they should match what is in my revolut account.
there is no easy way to see what is in my account is there?

I use the same details with my HSBC card, and it worked fine. these are my home address details, so they are always the same.

I’ve sent an email to TfL regarding this, but they take several days to reply back.


i went into the app, clicked profile, copied the details there exactly as they were, and entered them into the site.
still failed.

so now i have 5 attempts of £0 from TfL on my revolut app :slight_smile:


Hmm I will try it as well and I will let you know.


Well, my gf had no issue adding her card.
I now wonder if my account has some issue, which would explain why I have had several payments failing


Let’s check it. Send me your phone number via a direct message.


@AndreasK i just hang the phone from talking to TfL 1st line support… they have tracked down the transaction code and will have technical team look into it.
but for compliance reasons they are unable to fw me the id of it, so you could see on your side.

but i’ll PM you the details i’ve got


I regret to say that we are having serious issues with revolut and tfl.
Both mine a d my girlfriend card were used to touch, and during the Thames Clippers ride, we received notifications that the transaction had been refused.
Mine based on location security, my gf even got an email from tfl (location security was disabled).

We now risk being fined, after what appeared to have been a valid touch in at the yellow pad.


@AndreasK TfL technical services just call me
they looked into my attempts to add the card. they say they get a wrong address, and the common culprit is an extra space somewhere.

visually, i can’t see any on my app, so if you could have a look in the backend, I would appreciate, so i can finally be able to add the card


Just want to say Thanks to @AndreasK who readily spotted the issue and has helped fixing it.

great support


I’m having the same issue. What’s the best way to solve it :smiley:


I have the same problem with adding contactless card to my TfL account. I need payment history to receive a reimbursement from my company.
When I am typing the details I get this error:

Would anybody be so kind and explain how to add a card?


@Aleksandragracz, my guess would be an address mismatch. It’s an error-prone system, because addresses contain a lot of free text, which can be displayed in different ways. For example, in some countries the door number is before the street (as in the UK), whereas in other countries it is after the street (as in Germany).

If I were you, I would contact TfL on +44 343 222 1234 or at, as the blame is more likely to lie with them than with Revolut.