Testing: Don't use your EUR creditcard for Top up!

I Top up my Revolut account with 10 EUR with my EUR creditcard (ING-bank in the Netherlands). Cost me 10,10 EUR.
I never do so again …

(Zijn ze nou helemaal van de pot gerukt die banken: wrom 0,10 euro extra? Wat een onzin)

Back to English … :nerd_face:

You paid 0,10 EUR because you topped up with your CREDIT card, irrespectively of the same currency. Credit card top ups cost 1%. Refer to the list of charges.

Indeed … I never know … It is a shame!
So my title (don’t use a creditcard to top up is right) !!!

Hi @SiertW_NL,

Really sorry to hear you were not aware.

Topping up in GBP and EUR with a debit card is completely free.

Supporting credit cards and top-ups in USD is expensive for us. We’re working to bring these costs down, but until then we have to charge:

      1% per top-up with a credit card

      3% per USD top-up with a debit card

     4% (1% plus 3%) per USD top-up with a credit card.


Andreas K.

I cannot see any charges applied by Revolut. Are you sure this fee is not by your bank?

Where can you see the charges?

Ok. Any fees applied by Revolut can be found in the app. This one looks like a fee applied by your bank.