Tesco shows up with Costa logo in transaction history



I was a bit confused when I used my card at Tesco some days ago and it showed up as Costa transaction.

I’m using version 3.5 on an iPhone.

By the way is it somehow possible to assign logos manually at that space?

CU AssetBurned


Oops, seems like a bug. However, this should be fixed by letting @AndreasK and :r: Team aware of it. You cannot assign manually a logo to a sort of transactions by now.



Well if they have a community area called “Bugs” then I assume that this is monitored closer then any other community area :wink:


Thank you for letting us know. We will take a closer look into it.


@AssetBurned I have an update, this issue will be fixed with the new version on the app.


Well the old transaction with Tesco is still showing up as costa. Runnin 3.6 now on iOS.


Yes, a fix on this is coming with the new version of the app :slight_smile:


So just a small update on this topic. I’m currently on version 3.7.3 on iOS and the old Tesco transaction still has the Costa logo. New Tesco transactions however show up with the right logo.


Hi @AssetBurned,

Thank you for clarifying this. The team is working on it, apologies for the delay.