Terrible Terrible Servive


My account has been blocked for 3 or 4 days. I have sent messages and emails but no-one is getting back to me. The customer service is the worst I have received from any company.

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It is happening the same to me - customer service is not replying to any message


Hey @tuftedduck and @robi1908 :slight_smile:

I don’t know what’s happening with :r: but there has never been such a big wave of complaints about accounts being blocked and unresponsive support before. Please, check if any of these contact methods comes in handy:

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Also experiencing very poor service. Needed a limit increase so uploaded documents via support app and it says 24 hours to respond and that was 8 days ago. Sent 3 more messages but no one has responded. This is very bad service!

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Hi @Juliopp their methods under ‘what to do if you problems logging in or a blocked account’ are to contact them via a few different ways but they’re not responding?? Really disappointed as I thought I could use these guys a lot for big exchanges, thankfully I’ve tested the waters first so to speak with just a couple of relatively small amounts!!! Thanks for posting your advice though


Me too, waiting days fro account upgrade. no communication
Even the robot isn’t replying…


Same here, zero response for TWO WEEKS NOW and I can’t access funds


Exactly same issue here. No response from support for three days. Crazy. Very concerned. Is Revolut running out of funding and cutting back? Is our money o
Love this app idea and would use much more, including upgrading to premium, but can’t do that until the basic service is sorted.