Terrible service please cancel

Impossible to verify identity I’ve used driving licence and passport, selfies with and without glasses, I’ve been abandoned in online chat, I’ve paid a year in advance for what I thought looked like the perfect account, but it’s utterly useless and I am beginning to think that it is a scam.
I have zero confidence now and wish to cancel and get my money back.
Also I attempted to add a bank account so that I could transfer my hard earned money out of the account, but everytime I pressed add all the entered details jumped to the next input mask…

You’re not going to be able to pay your money out without being verified. If you want to close your account, contact support (via Twitter if you think you’re stuck in the in app chat), they will be able to send the money back to where it came from.

Most problems for verification come from bad photos. It’s an automated process. It does not work well if photos are blurry, unreadable, cropped. Or IDs that aren’t fully in the frame, not well lit, if there’s glare, reflections.

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Very true, i’d even claim that most mobile cameras are pretty sh…y indoors. My suggestion is to try verifying in daylight outdoors. This did the trick for me last year when i had the same problem.

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