Terrible service on card delivery

On Tuesday 3rd I realised I needed a second card. Having seen that delivery to mainland Europe was quite expensive I decided to pay to upgrade to Premium, on the promise that I would have my new card within 3 working days.

On the afternoon of 3rd I had an email from Revolut saying my card would be posted on 4th. The next morning I got an email from DHL saying my delivery had been set up. The app proceeded to update to show that the card was on its way (but without the tracking details). Then on 6th I got an email from DHL to say the card will be delivered today. Having waited in for the entire day, just before 5pm I got an SMS from DHL to say that they had only just physically picked my card up from Bristol. So 3 working days have passed and the card hasn’t even left the UK.

Revolut Support’s best advice has been “cancel that card and order another one. If it arrives before the new order then we will un-cancel it, otherwise you have to wait till sometime next week”. And I am left with the prospect of having to waste yet more time waiting for the delivery since it has to be signed for. And the excuse given for all this: “It’s the fault of our external partner”, which is never a good excuse for such poor customer service (I want to use a stronger word than poor, but I don’t want to fall foul of the moderators).

BTW a tip to Revolut. If you say in your advertising “Free express delivery within 3 days” but then in your terms and conditions say “delivery times aren’t guaranteed” you are rather misleading customers.

(Incidentally there’s a broken link on the Premium product page for the delivery details)

I can fully understand that this experience has been frustrating but I dont think Revolut is to blame in this case but rather DHL. Revolut’s “excuse” about an external partner might not rectify the problem per se, but it is spot on.

Though, first things first, your card was shipped on April 4th, so it should arrive the latest on April 7th or (if there is no weekend delivery) on April 9th. From this perspective it would be still on-time.

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