Terrible quality of support


I would like to give an example how bad influence on the service can have an incompetent support.

I needed to change my account phone number. I tried to do it via the app settings but I did not get verification codes, so I had to request help from the support. I was waiting for the response several days. When I was eventually replied, suggestions from the support guy led me to losing access to my account.

Later, I found out that Canadian phone numbers are not supported, but looks like the support team knows nothing about it.

Taking into account general service low reliability I will not use my account again. Fortunately, I was smart enough to move money out from my account before I lost access to it.

You can take a look at the funniest part of my conversation with the support:

The guy was so convincing, so I logged out. Obviously, I was not able to login in, because I was not able to get a code to my phone. I tried to call to the support, but, it looks like you can be waiting for ages before you get connected to with a human, so I just gave up - Bye bye Revolut.

So, my conclusions - Revolut is very far from being able to replace an actual bank. Accidentally working service and bad support don’t give a chance to it.


Contact them on twitter or facebook messener


Thank you for the suggestion.


As :r: is not available to Canadian residents, why would a Canadian phone number be supported?


I did not know, that Canada is not supported by Revolut. I might have been told about this by the support.