Terrible experience


I created my Revolut account about one month ago.
I’m not European, but I’m living in Europe and I have a 6 months visa (I’m in Spain to study as a MBA exchange student).
Peers from my university recommended Revolut, and since I’ll be traveling around Europe a lot, I decided to give it a try.
When I got my Revolut card, everything was working fine. I made a few top ups using Transferwise, and made a few purchases here in Europe. No problems at all.
The nightmare started when I decided to buy a Macbook online on Apple Store. Revolut suddenly blocked my account, and in the next day, when I got in touch through the app support, they asked me for all my documents again (passport, visa, residence documents, etc). After checking everything, Revolut alleged I was not able to keep my account with them because my visa expires in January and the minimum visa time permited to open an account is 6 months (although my visa is 6 months long, it started in July). Why the hell Revolut onboarded me in the first place, and allowed me to top up and even allowed me to make purchases?
Revolut then suddenly kicked back all my Transferwise transfers and kept my account blocked.
I then got in touch wih transferwise to get my money back, and Transferwise asked me for a transfer receipt from Revolut so they can track down the funds and refund me.
The terrible Revolut support takes days to respond, I have been in touch with support for 3 days now, and still they didn’t send me a receipt or any type of proof to provide Transferwise.
To make things even worse, one of the kickbacks was in a different amount from my initial transferwise transfer top up, because Revolut allowed me to make purchases before blocking my account. Therefore it is even harder for Transferwise track the funds.
In summary, I have more than €2000 flying around, no transfer receipt, and no one from Revolut gives a damn. I’m running out of money in Europe because I decided to trust Revolut.
I will not recommend Revolut to anyone. One simply can’t trust their service. Zero support, zero compliance, zero onboarding procedures. Support have zero training, zero standards. How come they onboard me, and then block my account?
Revolut is a good idea, but terribly executed.
Luckily their idea will attract new players, and for sure someone serious will come and offer a decent service.
Financial services is a serious industry. You can’t just clown around with people’s money.
Right now I only want my money back, to put an end to this nightmare. Since support in unexistent, I’m writing here expecting that someone from Revolut will read, and also to warn users and people considering Revolut.
Sorry for the long text and for opening my heart, but trust me, my patience has run out.