Terrible Customer Service


I have been using Revolut for a few months now and signed up for premium. Yesterday I discovered that there is a limit to what I can transfer and I now need to verify loads of information. This means my money is now being held in limbo since Saturday. Over 24 hours have passed since I tried to speak with someone but had to interact with their useless chatbot. I am down €10,000 with no recourse or ability to speak to someone to get it sorted. I have therefore gone straight to the UK Financial Ombudsman and lodged a complaint with them. It is completely unacceptable to not have a mechanism to deal with problems this serious.



Hey @Amsterdam :slight_smile:

The Ombudsman recommends to allow a period of up to 8 weeks before considering the issue unresolved. You did not even wait 8 days. I frankly think it’s going to be highly ineffective.

This is terrible :frowning:
I’d recommend following any of these methods (link) right now. Especially Twitter has proven to be very fast and effective.

Please, keep in mind you can also “override” the robot by typing live agent



Hi there.

Really sorry to hear that. As I can see your transfer was pending because you’ve exceeded your annual top up limits. However, you decided to not increase your limit therefore your transfer was reverted.

Please allow 5 working days.