Terrible customer service/support!!


My account has over €18,000 in it.
Revolut is blocking my use of it because I’ve reached my ‘TopUp’ limit. It’s still my money!!
If I can’t use it through Revolut, then they should send it back to my Bank!!
I was assured yesterday (more than 27hrs ago!) that I would be contacted to resolve this issue. Nothing! No one has contacted me and I have bills to pay!
Enough is enough. This is ridiculous!!
This behaviour can’t be legal!
I’m going to complain to FCA.


Hello @Fearlesstrini :slight_smile:

FCA does not accept individual complaints. If you want to complaint, the Financial Ombudsman is the way to go, after giving :r: up to eight weeks to resolve the issue (check it) :wink:

:r: is further verifying your identity and it might take some time. However, if you need urgent access to your funds, you can ask them through Twitter, as it has worked most of the times before:


I feel your pain. I have £10k stuck in verification now for two days with zero communication from revolut despite many messages. Verification is supposed to take up to 24 hours. It can’t be right to have a financial sevices team that you can’t contact and who don’t reply to messages.


@fearlesstrini of course it’s legal, otherwise they wouldn’t do it, it’s a safety procedure. You just need to verify the source of the money by sending in your pay slips or bank statements.

More> Profile> Verification & Limits> Verify Source of Funds.