Terminated card

My card is terminated can you please reactivate ? I cant link it again
Thank you ,

Hello, I have the same problem as my card is terminated and I can’t reactivate it. Could you please do it? Thanks!

Hello, I have terminated my card out of mistake and nobody helps me via chat, could you please reactivate it? Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hi I have a problem. After upgrade revolut app has been removed my virtual card …
Please I don’t remember my 16-numbers card for new link it …

Petr Urban

My card is also terminated… can you please reactivate it? So that I can link it again
Thank you.

My card has been terminated. Can you please reactivate it?
Thank you.

My card has also been terminated and I’d like it to be reactivated. Please. Thank you!

Just saying “please” here does not do the trick.

Hi, my card has been terminated and cannot be linked, can you please help me?