Terminated card

My card has been terminated. Can you please reactivate it?
Thank you.

What do you mean “terminated”? Has the expiry date passed or is it blocked somehow?

It is OK now thank you.


I have the same problem, terminated and asked for a new card because of delayed arrival. Now new card is on its way and the old has arrived. Can you reactivate it please?

You have to the contact support in the app.
Dashboard -> “’?” in the bubble at the top -> scroll down “new chat”.
Ask them to link the card again to your account.
If you only receive the automated answer by Rita type “live agent”


Ok, thank you, I will do

Bom dia ,

o meu cartão está bloqueado, supostamente por transação suspeita, mas que não é verdade e o cartao ficou boqueado. Quando abrimo app para confirmar a vericidade da transação e para desbloquear a app bloquea “atualizar” e nao permite fazer nada. obrigado.

My card is terminated (valid thru 10/24), can you please re-activate.
Thank you.

My problem has been solved. Thank you @Daidai - I followed your instructions, and in 20-30 seconds mr. Annezen did re-activation.
Thank you. :grinning:

My card has been terminated too.Can you please reactivate it.

Thank you

Hi, my card has been terminated and cannot be linked, can you please help me?

My card has also been terminated. Can i please get this reactivated.

Thank you,

It’s blocked. I could not add any money to revolut and a friend of mine said that he had the same problem and said that I need to unlink the card and then link it again. So thi is that i did, i unlink it, and then i tried to link it back, surprise: “This card has been terminated and can’t be linked”.

Hello, I terminated my card because I thought it was hacked, can you help please? Thanks

My card too has been terminated

same here, when i want to link my card i have information like " your card has been terminated and cant be linked. Please order a new card or contact support for assistance". Can you help me? Thank you.

Write the support they can relink it

Hello somebody help me my card has been terminated…
Can i activate it again?

When I want to link my card, I have a message your card has been canceled and cannot be linked. Please order a new card or contact support for assistance. "Can you help me? Thank you

Same problem here where can I contact to reactivate existing credit card? thanks