Terminated Card - Support able to activate it again?

I was supposed to receive may card couple of days ago that is why I terminated it and reordered new one. But I just received it so is it possible to activate it instead of waiting for the new one.


You need to contact support

The answer is: YES :wink:

I have a problem with cards. I booked one Revolut card around 1 mounth ago, after 2 weeks I terminated this card on the mobile app becouse it not come on my address. Later I booked secons card, and this time card come not to me - sad information are at I must paid extra for this card ! :frowning: One weeks ago this cards came to me. Both cards I delated from app. Now I can’t use this card and can’t book third card on the app. It is possible to active one for this two cards that I have?

Thanks for answer :wink:

Yes, it is possible. Contact them via in-app chat

I am not able to contact em. As even rita is not replying. What should I do?

I would try contact them via Twitter or FB

Hi my card froze and I can’t seem to freeze it