Terminated Card- Support able to activate it again?

Hi all I was trying to add a new debit card and terminated my revolut card instead on the app :roll_eyes: I am travelling in the morning and have the physical card in my hand can this be undone by support does anyone know as I don’t have the time now to re order a card nor do I want to when I have my own in my hand which was working perfectly fine please help as I am running out of time and travelling in the morning - thanks


Best message customer support in the live app.

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Hey @Laurielee2017 :slight_smile:

Antes de nada, hola si hablas español :wink:

I’d try to go to the cards section, and in the place you can order a new one, I would try to click “link existing Revolut card”. I have no idea if this will work, but it might. Who knows. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If it doesn’t, as @capital said, support is your way to go. Reach them through the More tab on the app, clicking Support :slight_smile:

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Hey! We’re able to reactivate a card :slight_smile:

Send the phone number associated with your account via a direct message.


Andreas K.


Hi Andres, I also need to reativate my card if possible. How do I send a direct message?


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hey andreas i just recieved my card but its deactivated can i PM you?

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Sure go for it :slight_smile: DM me!


Don’t rectivate it anymore. You just posted it online (accidentally, yes, but it’s been exposed now) :frowning:


HI Andreas,

Thus far I am incredibly unimpressed by Revolut’s support structure. I have spent over $60 in purchasing a few physical cards, and I have had $2000+ cash flow through Revolut. Upon ordering a new card and having received it, it has supposedly been terminated. This card was ordered as a replacement for its faulty predecessor.

Upon trying to access support I found your system convoluted and basic. I have had no response within the in-app support chat, I dislike the provision of only one automated phone line. I am currently travelling and I need the card that I just paid an excess of $30 for it to be posted and delivered, to be re-activated as soon as possible.

Furthermore I would have messaged you directly with the card details directly, but even this is not intuitive and I saw no way of drafting a new message on the inbox section. I ask that you message me directly and we can sort this out ASAP.

Allow me to clarify that I was incredibly impressed with the efficiency and easy-to-use simplification of the combination of the app and the card itself. The exchange rates were also excellent. It is a shame that all this positivity was squandered with a sour taste due to such a poor customer support structure.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Walshaw

Hi there. Thank you for your feedback. As I can see you’ve created two accounts, is there any particular reason? Are you aware that this is not permitted?

Regarding your card, the card was terminated as it was marked as undelivered. An agent responded to your in-app messages, could you please reply?

Hello i have deactivated both my cards. Can you reactivate them?
Thank you

We’ve reactivated your cards.

Thank you very much!!

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