Temporary Sim Card


Hey Guys,
I’m travelling this week to the US, and i’m planning on getting a temporary prepaid simcard in order to remain connected. Is this going to block my account? Will I be able to log into my Revolut account? Appreciate any answers, thanks!


Hi! No. Just get in touch with us so we can change the phone number associated with your account for you.


Will I have to change the number associated with my account even if its just for one week? Can’t I remain logged into the app and just reboot my iphone with a new simcard?


Some functionality depends on being able to receive text messages. Like with many banking services, texts are an additional way for 2 factor authentication. You can try using the app without changing your number, but you might run into unexpected problems.


Hi, I also intend to use a temporary prepaid simcard while travelling to Namibia in January. My plan is to put my local simcard (associated to my Revolut account) in an old (non smart) cellphone in order to be able to receive text messages. Will this work ?