Temporarily Disabled Account - No Response


Following up as you have not responded in any capacity. I am aware you have suspended my account and most likely flagged this account for AML which I am aware stops you from discussing my account as it might implicate the bank for tipping the company off.

What I am upset most about is the lack of effort trying to understand what and how my business works. My business partner banks with HSBC and it is widely know due to previous issues that they have the strictest AML procedures for business banking. At least they had the courtesy to contact him on numerous occasions in an effort to understand how his business works.

You had very vague questions and spent virtually no time understanding anything about my business. For clarification it is relatively simple and if you had a basic process in place to deal with this you would have saved everyone a lot of time and effort.

In addition this article below would appear I am not alone. It has been 10 days since this locked out and no response, I assume no response from NCA who are compelled to either ask for an extension or if no response the account should be reinstated.


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