Tell Us Your Favourite Feature ❤

Hi everyone :wave: .

Last time I asked you for how long you have been at Revolut :r: . This week, I would like to know what is your favourite feature in the app :eyes:

Is it the Currency Exchange, or maybe the Virtual Cards? Vaults, Pockets or Group Bills? Rewards or Stays? :question:

Maybe, all of them? :grin:

Let me know in the thread :arrow_down_small:

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I like the net worth visible on the home page. It tells me pretty much how my joint account is going with another bank (I know what bills come out and the amounts they should be so don’t need to check both).

Analytics looks nice on the home page too with the two graphs showing budget and spend. I do wish merchant data had some hard work put in :pray:t3:

I like how notifications are viewed when they happen. Some banks don’t show these well but they look clean and tidy with Revolut.

Dark mode is also great.

I also love my gold card against my Bellroy Sleeve wallet :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Not so good parts:

I wish requesting payments was easier. IE I pay for lunch, when I send a payment link it doesn’t allow other half to use Google pay to pay me pretty much instant, he has to enter card details manually and he finds it a chore, so sends to my monzo instead.

I appreciate revolut chat just launched but as he’s not a customer it’s not simple to receive/request.

I haven’t managed to swing other half to join revolut yet (not a bank and crypto isn’t handled well, plus no reward for switching or signing up for him).

Vaults are great but wish Pockets were also protected by FSCS (or become a bank already :upside_down_face:). Vaults also need an auto withdraw function as simple as is when auto funding from main account.

Linked accounts could also be listed in the accounts drop down in the home page, for ease of view and transparency without needing to swipe and tap multiple places.

The font in the app and design could be that little bit smaller. I’ve tried amending my phone’s settings and I can make it much smaller but then I struggle to see (everything needs to be one notch up for better sight).


Definitely Cryptocurrency buy/sell option :chart_with_upwards_trend::bar_chart:, for me :relaxed:
Easy and friendly for newbies in join in and start learning more about cryptos :nerd_face:

Also, love that different fiat currencies are connected to same debit card(s) :credit_card::credit_card:, so no messing around with “different currency, separate card”

Virtual cards also a huge benefit those days too :grin:


You can now set this in the card section of the app.


I enjoy the whole Revolut experience, but if I had to choose just one single feature that I love most, that would be the <18 accounts.


iDeal support on Revolut!

This makes a lot of things easier for using Revolut as (almost) your main bank in the Netherlands. If iDeal requests would be added (see that thread for more info) this bank actually can become my main bank.


Top-Up with Revolut <18 is great. My daughter love her Revolut <18 account.
When she get some money from relatives, she come to me right away and said “put this to my Revolut account”. So i top-up right away. So these are the two things that i like.
But sadly topping up in Switzerland costs now :frowning:


Definitely Vaults.

It’s so handy. It allows to save money easily, add, withdraw in a second. Saving a few cents by payment (and being allowed to x2, x3) is just brilliant.

As I said in another thread, I’m sure Pockets feature could/should be mixed with Vaults, but yeah, Vaults, 100%.