Tell us about your 'Did I really spend so much?' moment with Revolut 🫣

Calling all Revoluters! We’ve all had those jaw-dropping moments when we checked our Revolut spending and exclaimed, “Did I really spend so much?:scream::money_with_wings: Let’s turn those moments into laughter and share our funniest stories together! :rofl:

Whether it was a spontaneous shopping spree, a night out with friends that got a little too wild, or even a fancy dinner that made your wallet shed a tear, we want to hear all about it! :sweat_smile:

:fire: So, here’s the deal: Comment below with your “Did I really spend so much?”.Don’t hold back, let the laughter flow! Let’s turn those “Did I really spend so much?” moments into unforgettable tales that will make us all laugh till our cheeks hurt. :smile::dancer:

Veda | Community Team

When I make a visit to my home town and check how much my “going out for 1 drink” total is.

@Carl_1460 Oooppsss that’s an expensive one. Happens to me on all the weekends. :rofl:

Wouldn’t mind but that was a Tuesday.

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That makes sense. Would have been 121,76 on the weekend.


I’d be happy with that.

Two nights in Manchester was £300+ not including hotel or transport.

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@Frank @Carl_1460 When I convert this to Indian currency I would definitely go bankrupt. :crying_cat_face: :face_holding_back_tears:

Veda | Community Team


Is it something like 5x the amount?

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@Carl_1460 More than that. It makes me cry :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears:

Yikes x6. :weary:

Not good.

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